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SWISSCODE applies the latest scientific research and findings to quickly and directly implement them in the form of premium cosmeceuticals. Our Swiss products, developed according to the strictest quality criteria, address the skin’s individual needs and achieve visible and clinically proven results.

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Swisscode Pure is a collection of seven concentrates that “decode” and effectively correct the skin’s ageing process. This select range of highly effective actives in their purest form is precisely designed to enhance all clinical and skincare regimens.


The Power of Plant Stem Cells. You will have witnessed the sheer magnificence of a plant or bud; with its ability to not only withstand harsh environmental conditions, but to positively grow and bloom. This is because nature in her wisdom created stem cells that can repair and rejuvenate.


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  • After using the SWISSCODE concentrates over the last month, I truly have fallen in love with the results that this innovative skin care line delivers.
    The products are so concentrated that a little goes a long way, so it really is great value. 5 out of 5 stars from me!

    Sarah Brock
  • These products are ideal as an adjunct to any other skin care you are using providing you with that extra boost and radiance which we all desire. I simply cannot wait to use all of them. They are absolutely wonderful.

    Dr Kate Alexandra Bishop
  • This product is wonderful and I really can’t praise it enough. Since using this product this rosacea has all but disappeared.

    Andrew Bailey